Thoughts on a Cold Winter Day

Winter days at the cabin.

Winter days at the cabin.

I am new to blogging. When my friend said she was starting a blog I really had no idea of why someone would do this. In my defense let me just say that I really am not a Luddite, I just don’t want to live on my computer when I get home from work. I have other things to do and it seemed like a huge time commitment for little return.

As we talked about it I came to understand her reason for doing this. Many of us go about our days silently watching what happens around us, but rarely venturing into the public arena to “have our say” on the world around us. Whether it is fear of being “out of step” or “odd” in our opinions or a desire for privacy, there comes a time when the need to speak freely becomes an expression of our existence and our place in time. Engaging in conversations with others having differing opinions is important to understanding, so in my blogs from time to time, I’ll begin a conversation with you. It is my hope that each of us will gain insight into other perspectives as we converse.

I also want to use my blog to explore my own thoughts by putting them into words. Whether you call it spiritual, philosophical or just living a meaningful life, these are expressions of who I am and who I want to be. I will be curious to see if any of those blogs strike a cord with you. We shall see.

Lastly, I am looking for an outlet for whimsy. I value the child in me and wish to give voice to the wonder and unbridled passions of childhood. Along with this I will explore my hobbies and passions in life and in general the things and people who make me excited to get out of bed every day.

For now, I think this is enough to work with. . .


One thought on “Thoughts on a Cold Winter Day

  1. Hello Coobax. I found you through the Community Pool. I like your photo here, the light and the shadows, the detail and the distance, and I like your relaxed, open way of writing your thoughts. Write about what interests you, or ask questions. Enjoy. If you like the writing, do not worry too much about how many people read. Go elsewhere and comment.

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