A Life of Shareful Abundance

The Metta
May all beings have fresh clean water to drink.
May all beings have food to eat.
May all beings have a home.
May all beings have someone to share love with.
May all beings know their true purpose.
May all beings be well and happy.
May all beings be free from suffering.
Today I will do what I can to make it so.

In the small Sacred Mountain Monastery near the former gold mining town of Idaho City, Mother Shayshoshewa and her small following of nuns and monks recite the Metta over a hundred times every day. Their goal is to reinforce its message by repeating it 7 billion times to plant a seed of consciousness for the world.

I share this Metta so you may participate if you wish in nurturing their seed. We each travel a different path through life, may each of you realize the Metta in your own life.


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